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Maplin … Maplins Home Page - Electrical Shops UK - Electrical Installations UK - Electrical Accessories UK - Electrical Retailers In UK - Maplin Electronics UK - Electrical Stores In UK - Maplins Catalogue - Sharp LCD TV UK - Electrical Stores In UK - Maplins Electronic Store - Maplins Catalogue - Dixons UK - Online Electronics Store - Widescreen LCD TV - Integrated Dishwasher - Maplin Leeds - TV Monitor - Satellite TV - Electrical Wholesale UK - Maplins Glasgow - UK Electrical Appliances - Electrical Supplies UK - Plasma Screens - Hotpoint - ABIT SG-80 Intel P4 775 Motherboard ( B Grade ABIT SG80 775 Mbrd ) · High performance ABIT Intel series integrated motherboard· Micro ATX form factor 775 Intel motherboard· Integrated high performance graphics, 256-bit 3D engine and 2D Accelerator · On board surround 5.1 channel Audio · On board 10/100 LAN for networking and broadband· Supports a maximum memory capacity of 2GB · 1 x AGP 8X / 4X slot. 3 x PCI slots· 2 x serial ATA 1.5Gbps + 2 x ATA 133 The SG-80 offers an ideal micro ATX Intel Pentium 4/Celeron D platform. Based on the SIS 661FX chipset, the SG-80 delivers functionality found on premium Pentium 4 motherboards, including DDR 400 support, SATA 150, on board 5.1 channels audio, and an integrated Mirage Graphics GPU for advanced 256-bit 2D/3D performance. ... Needle File Set 140mm ( 140mm Needle Set ) Needle File Set 140mm ( 140mm Needle Set ) Maplin, Maplins ... Mylar & Paper Speakers ( Paper Speaker 28mm ) Mylar & Paper Speakers ( Paper Speaker 28mm ) Maplin, Maplins ... Mylar Speakers ( Mylar Speaker 56mm ) A range of mylar cone speakers with ferrite magnets designed primarily for use in sirens and buzzers. The mylar cone and plastic centre dome combined with a card gasket around the cone make the units fully weather and splashproof from the front. They are therefore ideal for use as sounders in portable equipment and in external burglar alarm boxes. Two types are available, with the round types available in 3 sizes and the square available in 2 different sizes. The round type are 18mm deep whilst the square type feature a metal mounting chassis and are 27mm deep. Mylar Speakers ( Mylar Speaker 56mm ) Mylar Speakers ( Mylar Speaker 56mm ) Maplin, Maplins ... Mylar Film Capacitors ( Mylar 0.047 ) Mylar Film Capacitors ( Mylar 0.047 ) Maplin, Maplins ... LF351N & LF347N ( LF347N ) Low-cost high performance JFET input op-amps that will directly replace and out-perform the 741 in most applications. The devices are low noise, have distortion figures of less than 0.02% over the audio band, high slew rate (13V/ µs), high input impedance (1012 Ω) and wide bandwidth. For the 347, internal amplifier isolation is 120dB. Additionally, the accurately matched JFET inputs provide very low input bias and offset currents. It is most important that input voltages never go more negative than the negative supply voltage or the device will be destroyed. The ICs are ideal for audio circuits, as well as fast D/A convertors, high speed integrators and sample-and-hold circuits.The 351 is supplied in an 8-pin DIL package and the 347 is supplied in a 14-pin DIL package and is a quad version. Note that since the inputs are JFETs not MOSFETs no special handling is required. LF351N & LF347N ( LF351N ) Low-cost high performance JFET input op-amps that will directly replace and out-perform the 741 in most applications. The devices are low noise, have distortion figures of less than 0.02% over the audio band, high slew rate (13V/ µs), high input impedance (1012 Ω) and wide bandwidth. For the 347, internal amplifier isolation is 120dB. Additionally, the accurately matched JFET inputs provide very low input bias and offset currents. It is most important that input voltages never go more negative than the negative supply voltage or the device will be destroyed. The ICs are ideal for audio circuits, as well as fast D/A convertors, high speed integrators and sample-and-hold circuits.The 351 is supplied in an 8-pin DIL package and the 347 is supplied in a 14-pin DIL package and is a quad version. Note that since the inputs are JFETs not MOSFETs no special handling is required. LG 19-Inch HDMI Digital TV & Monitor ( LG 19in HDMI DTV ) LG 19-Inch HDMI Digital TV & Monitor ( LG 19in HDMI DTV ) Maplin, Maplins ... Maplin Online Sale | Maplin Electronics, UK.

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Maplin Website really does have something for everyone, and provides an incredible range of top-quality brand-names at low, low prices!
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  • Plasma TV's from Maplin feature some of the best prices available - buying a plasma TV from Maplin is money wisely spent!

The wide selection of electronics products on offer at Maplin is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Maplin offers to take advantage of:

16 and 24-Port 10/100 Network Switches ( 24 Port SwitchingHub ), at Maplin
16 or 24 switched 10100 Mbps RJ45 ports to connect up to 24 PCs Just plug in your Ethernet cables and connect a power cord - theres no software to configure Uplink for easy network expansion Auto-sensing 10100Mbps Intelligent switching function for speed Complete with power supply Please note Exact model supplied may vary from that illustrated - picture for reference purposes only.

24 x 1000mm Bike Cable Lock ( 24x1000mmBikeCbleLck ), at Maplin
Heavy duty cable lock Strong braided cable with PVC outer sheath Size 24 x 1000 mm Supplied with two keys

Headphone Cable Tidy - Dachshund For Motorola XOOM 2 ( Headphone Cable Tidy ), at Maplin
Take a bite out of messy cables. Put your headphone wires through the legs and wind the cable around the body. Keeps your earphones tidy. Fun novelty design. Great gift for kids and adults.

Metal Film 0.6W Resistor ( Min Res 4M7 ), at Maplins
Ideal replacement for carbon film 14W 13W or 12W types Body size is the same as 14W types Superior replacement to most metal oxide and thick film resistors Note that to make up odd values not stocked resistor networks may be built and if all the resistors in the network have a 1 tolerance then the tolerance of the whole network will still be 1 tolerance.

33K Ohm to 91K Ohm Metal Film 0.6W Resistors ( Min Res 43k ), at Maplin
Universal resistor with a superb specification Can be used as a superior replacement wherever carbon film 14W 13W or 12W are specified since its size is the same as 14W types Can be run continuously at 0.6W with ambient temperatures up to 70anddeg thanks to the highly even thermal characteristics of the ceramic substrate Superior replacement to most metal oxide and thick film resistors due to its very tight tolerance andplusmn1 and its low temperature coefficient only 50ppm Working voltage max 250V Tolerance 1 Power rating 06W at 70anddegC Temperature coefficient 50ppmanddegC Noise level Typically 0.01µVV Dimensions of body 65 l x 25diamm The values of resistors on this page are between 33Kandohm and 91Kandohm. The chart below shows the entire extended range of values we have available. To order values not on this page simply select the values you want from menu on the left hand side of this page

Durable Invertible Airduster 200ml ( Inv. Airduster 200ml ), at Maplin
Air duster for removing dirt from sensitive equipment and hard to reach areas Can be used on laptops keyboards printers photographic and video equipment Invertible - can be used upside-down HFC free ozone friendly Flammable - not to be used on live equipment Supplied with extension tube PLEASE NOTE By law we are not allowed to sell butane or solvent based products to persons under the age of 18.

Whitenergy Compatible Asus Laptop Battery EEE PC 1005 10.8V ( 07192 HC BATT 10.8V ), at Maplin
Asus compatible replacement laptop battery Designed to meet or exceed the manufacturers original spec Rated at 10.8V 6600mAh 9 cell standard lithium-ion battery

Twist-Knot Wheel 75mm ( Twist-Knot Whl 75mm ), at Maplin
For descaling deburring rust removal and welding seam preparationcleaning 6mm shank Max speed 12500rpm

Outdoor Digital TV Aerial ( Digi Outdoor Aerial ), at Maplin
UHF and VHF Ideal for receiving digital TV signals 20dB gain Pole fixing kit Weatherproof housing and connection Anti-UV coating Directly wall or pole mountable Fixings and cable supplied This antenna is specifically designed for digital terrestrial broadcasting reception. With state-of-the-art low-noise amplifier technology and filter circuitry. It has a compact stylish housing and it can accompany any digital STB

Maplin Fibre Optic OM1 SC SC 15m Grey ( Fibre SCSC OM1 15m ), at Maplins
Length 15m SC - SC Connectors 62.5µm core 125µm cladding Duplex Multi-mode OM1 Supports 10Gb Grey LSZH jacket Insertion Loss 0.3dB

Sentient CCTV Over Large Distances Baluns ( 400m CCTV Balun Pk ), at Maplin
Allows video signals to be transmitted over UTP CAT5 Cable Passive transceiver Requires no power Terminal input to BNC output Maximum working distance of 400M when using colour cameras Allows you to transmit your CCTV footage over large distances of upto 400m using UTP CAT5 Cable Part code VB10 sold per metre

Whitenergy Compatible Dell Laptop Battery XPS M1330 11.1V ( 06469 PHC BATT 11.1V ), at Maplin
Dell compatible replacement laptop battery Designed to meet or exceed the manufacturers original spec Rated at 11.1V 6600mAh 9 cell standard lithium-ion battery

Waterproof Plastic Conduit and End Fittings ( Plastic Conduit 17.2 ), at Maplin
A flexible ribbed plastic conduit for carrying cable looms and protecting them against physical damage and ingress of water or other fluids. Ideal for outdoor wiring the conduit can be routed over walls in walls beneath floors or below ground. 17.2mm inner bore. Matching plastic end fittings for terminating conduit at junction boxes etc. are also available comprising a main inner portion with threaded boss and securing ring for mounting in a panel hole whilst the conduit is pressed into the other end. It is retained in position by sprung hooked outer jaws which locate over the ribs and are clamped by a threaded outer ring. The fitting can be installed in panels up to 2.5mm thick. Conduit is sold per metre maximum length in one piece is 100m.

SD Card Protector Cover ( BlueBerry SD Cover ), at Maplin
A robust cover designed to prevent the removal of SD cards from Cyntech cases Use where SD cards could be removed such as demos to the public home media centre or automation set ups or where SD cards could be stolen Allows clear access to micro USB power socket Compatible with Raspberry Red N92NQ BerryBlack N93NQ Iceberry N02NR and BlueBerry N91NQ cases Mix and match to make your own colour case combinations

12V Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Solar Batteries ( 26Ah Solar Battery ), at Maplin
Deep cycle capability Ideal for solar applications Sealed casing for safe spill free performance 6 different batteries are available

Whitenergy Compatible IBM Laptop Battery ThinkPad Z60t 6 Cell 10.8V ( 06970 BATTERY ), at Maplin
IBM compatible replacement laptop battery Designed to meet or exceed the manufacturers original spec Rated at 10.8V 4400mAh 6 cell standard lithium-ion battery

Reverse Polarity SMA Male ( RevPol SMA Plug/RG58 ), at Maplin
High quality RF connectors based on the popular miniature SMA connectors but with the hole on the male rather than the female. These are widely used for wireless network aerial connections wireless LAN. Available to suit either RG58 type cable outer diameter 5mm or RG174 type cable outer diameter 2.8mm.

iPhone 4 - Official Avenge Sevenfold Phone Clip Case ( iPhone 4 - Official ), at Maplin
This iPhone 4 case features superb photographic quality gloss finish Convenient Clip Case design Easy-access button covers Dockable while in top case Reinforced impact zones Official licensed product This superb quality phone cover features official licensed images all in a durable shatterproof premium protective clip case. The design allows easy-access to all buttons and is printed to the highest standard onto a reinforced impact resistant polycarbonate shell. Ideal to protect one of your most valuable possessions this original and exclusive licensed product allows you to make your phone individual and is perfect for any gifting occasion.

Canon SELPHY CP800 Compact Photo Printer ( CP800 Printer ), at Maplin
Stylish and ultra-compact photo printer 6.2 cm 2.5 tilt LCD Prints in under 1 minute Range of print sizes Auto Red-Eye Correction Print from memory card camera and USB stick 100 year prints ID Photo layout Optional battery Software with voice guidance With a design that fits into any home the SELPHY CP800 is the convenient way to create lasting prints from your digital photos. Insert your card press print and in less than 1 minute its ready.

Midland Boom Microphone Headset ( Midland headset VOX ), at Maplin
PMR and 2 way radio headset Large comfort fit ear piece and boom microphone Lapel mounted Press-to-talk PTT VOX switch support if the PMR is compatible Standard 2 pin radio connection

Maplin Coax Male to Coax Male 1.8m White With Female Coupler ( TV Cable 1.8m Wht CP ), at Maplins
Male to Male TV cable with female coupler Coax cable 1.8 Mtr Gold flashed contacts

ProSound Fog Machine Scent - Gore ( Gore Smoke Scent ), at Maplin
Create an eerie fog with an eerie smell Ghoulish atmospheric scent Gore scented Economical to use This scent is recommended for all Maplin fog machines as other makes may clog fog machines. Supplied in 30 ml bottles just 1 ml is required per litre of liquid to suffuse the room.

Dyson DC58 Animal Handheld Vacuum ( Dyson DC58 Animal ), at Maplin
Powered by the Dyson digital motor V6 up to 3 times faster than conventional motors. 2 Tier Radial cyclones 15 cyclones increase airflow and capture fine dust. Fade-free power re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery transmits 1.5 times more power than its predecessor. Patented Root Cyclone technology Long run-time 20 minutes of powerful suction 17 minutes when using the mini motorised tool. Boost mode 6 minutes of higher suction power for more difficult tasks. Mini motorised tool with DC58 Motorhead removes hair and dust from upholstery and confined spaces. Additional combination accessory tool and crevice tool DC58 is Dysons latest handheld vacuum cleaner. Its powered by the Dyson digital motor V6 which spins up to 110000 timesa minute up to 3 times faster than conventional motors. This 350W motor has a higher wattage than its predecessor and contributes to the machines ability to produce powerful suction. DC58 is the most powerful cordless vacuum.Suction is also enhanced by 2 Tier Radial cyclones. 15 cyclones arranged across two tiers work in parallel to increase airflow and capture fine dust. Microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns are captured from the airflow.Delivering fade-free power DC58 has a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery that has been customised to provide the level of powerful suction and battery life that the machine needs. It recharges up to 3 times faster than others and delivers a run-time of 20 minutes powerful suction or 17 minutes when using the motorised tool. It also has a Boost mode which provides 6 minutes of higher suction power at the push of a button. As with all Dyson machines DC58 comes with extra tools for all-round cleaning. The nozzle on the combination accessory tool converts to a brush tool for dusting. The crevice tool is useful for cleaning in tight gaps and narrow spaces. DC58 Motorhead also comes with a Mini motorised tool for tough tasks. It removes hair and dirt from upholstery and confined spaces. The ergonomic design of DC58 means that it fits naturally into the shape of the hand with the centre of gravity located towards the grip for easy handling. As well as cleaning around the home DC58 is ideal for cleaning throughout the car footwells upholstery and beneath seats.

U-bop Accessories Red In-Ear Earphones ( U-bop Accessories Re ), at Maplins
The Assonance in-ear earphones provide a high fidelity level of sound. They have a level of noise isolation and an in-line microphone which can be used to make and receive phone calls.

AV Power Extension Cable ( Swann 36m Ext Lead ), at Maplin
AudioVideo power extension cable for use with Swann security cameras. Includes gender changers for different camera connections and to allow cable length extension. Available in 2 lengths 18m 60ft Order Code L35AB 36m 120ft Order Code L40BQ

TP-Link Wireless N450 PCI Express Dual-Band Adaptor ( TP N450 DB PCI-e ), at Maplin
PCI Express x 1 interface Dual-band support - 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz channels bring an optimized HD video streaming file sharing and online experience Todays fastest wireless speeds of up to 450Mbps Three omni-directional detachable RP-SMA 2dBi antennas increase wireless performance and stability Compatible with Windows 7 3264bit Windows Vista 3264bit Windows XP 3264bit Supports 64128 WEP WPA WPA2WPA-PSKWPA2-PSKTKIPAES supports IEEE 802.1X Seamlessly compatible with 802.11abgn products TP-Links 450Mbps Wireless N Dual Band PCI Express Adaptor TL-WDN4800 allows you to connect a desktop computer to a wireless network and access a high-speed wireless network connection. Complying with IEEE 802.11abgn the device can use the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz channels and provide wireless speeds of up to 450Mbps which is ideal for users seeking a highly robust bandwidth intensive wireless networking experience particularly with HD video streaming and online gaming. Dual-band is the latest wireless technology allowing the adaptor to connect with a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network. This allows you to check e-mail and browse the Internet using the 2.4 GHz band or stream HD movies and other media on the 5 GHz band. The advantage of working on the 5 GHz band is that unlike the crowded 2.4 GHz band shared with microwaves cordless phones and other wireless networks it has much less interference and can provide a more stable wireless signal which is ideal for online gaming and HD video streaming.

Angry Birds Space Deluxe Lazer Bird Tweeters In Ear Headphones ( Angry Birds Space De ), at Maplins
Blast your music experience into orbit with these officially licensed Angry Birds Space headphones by GEAR4. Show your allegiance as the Space Birds battle the Space Pigs for control of the cosmos. Prepare to take off for an audio experience that is out of this world.

3.5mm Stereo Plug to Two 6.35mm Stereo Sockets Adapter ( 2x1/4skt X3.5plg Sto ), at Maplins
Allows two stereo 14 in. 6.35mm jack plugs to be connected to one 3.5mm stereo jack socket.

Arduino Micro ( Arduino Micro ), at Maplin
The Arduino Micro is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega32u4 developed in conjunction with Adafruit. It has 20 digital inputoutput pins of which 7 can be used as PWM outputs and 12 as analog inputs a 16 MHz crystal oscillator a micro USB connection an ICSP header and a reset button. It contains everything needed to support the microcontroller simply connect it to a computer with a micro USB cable to get started. It has a form factor that enables it to be easily placed on a breadboard.The Micro is similar to the Arduino Leonardo in that the ATmega32u4 has built-in USB communication eliminating the need for a secondary processor. This allows the Micro to appear to a connected computer as a mouse and keyboard in addition to a virtual CDC serial COM port. It also has other implications for the behavior of the board.

Acoustic Energy Acoustic Energy Extreme 8 Outdoor Speaker - Black ( Acoustic Energy Acou ), at Maplins
Better suited for use in spaces including large gardens and commercial installations With high power-handling and deep bass response The Extreme Series are fully water resistant loudspeakers. The high quality industrial spec connectors supplied further improve durability and make the Extreme range ideal for use both outdoors and in challenging interior environments such as pubs clubs kitchens and bathrooms. AEÕs high efficiency high power handling design philosophy ensures the Extreme range offers the biggest sound from the widest range of amplifiers.

Drywall Saw 150mm ( Drywall Saw 150mm ), at Maplins
Hardened steel blade extra-sharp teeth and pointed end for piercing plasterboard Large soft-grip handle Ideal for fitting socket boxes and down lights

Chauvet Haze 2D DMX ( Hurricane Haze 2 Dig ), at Maplins
Water-based haze machine that creates a thin atmosphere to enhance any light show Continuous output after minimal initial warm-up ensures the haze is always ready Digital display sets DMX functions and stand-alone settings with ease Haze output and blower speeds are adjustable in stand-alone mode via digital display no controller needed User-adjustable output angle ensures the haze goes where its needed Low-fluid indicator automatically turns off the machine when the tank is empty Includes wired timer remote with storage compartment for easy transportation DMX channels 2 DMX connectors 3-pin Tank capacity 2.5L Remote length 4.6m Heat-up time 5 min Output 1200 cfm Fluid consumption 8.2 mlmin Breaker size 15 A Power and current 533 W 2.3 A 230 V 50 Hz Weight 8.5 kg Size 285 x 267 x 350 mm Hurricane Haze 2D is a water-based haze machine with continuous output and a digital display to set DMX and stand alone functions with ease. It features adjustable blower output speeds and nozzle to get the haze where you need it. The low fluid indicator gives a warning before running out of fluid. An included wired timer remote stores conveniently in the fixture.

The SVC100GPS is a vehicle journey. Accident recorder with a built-in GPS receiver for recording location and speed of vehicles. Additionally it it equipped with a 3 Axis Shock Sensor and GPS for measuring braking acceleration drivingstyle and recording location and speed. The sensor records on 3 different axis of force for comprehensive claim information.The SVC100GPS can record continuously for up to 500 hours on a 32GB SD card or when the Shock Sensor is triggered. The unit records for 15 seconds prior to any shock recording meaning that no vital information is missed.The camera will operate in light levels down to 1.0 Lux it will record high quality images during the day and at night the camera will make use of the vehicles headlights and street lights to provide a good quality image. Additionally the camera is equipped with a wide angle lens of 170 ensuring that all areas of the road are covered.

Compact Camera Case ( CL Basic Cam Case ), at Maplins
Compact bag which is ideal to store a point-and-shoot camera and memory cards Carabiner and belt loop Front zipped compartment Tough nylon material Exterior dimensions 83 x 32 x 121 mm Camera space 61 x 25 x 99 mm

1:10 Silver Range Rover Evoque ( 1:10 Evoque ), at Maplin
Full function radio control forward reverse turn leftright Highly detailed design Working front and rear lights Requires 8 x AA 1 x 9V batteries Maplin Code L39BF and L46AL Available in Silver only

B Grade Digital-to-Analogue Audio Convertor ( B Grade Dig to Anlg ), at Maplin
Converts optical- coaxial- or USB-audio audio to twin-RCA phono or 3.5mm stereo headphone output Listen to high definition downloads on your standard hi-fi or speakers Works with all PC audio formats Plug n Play - no drivers required for Win 7 Vista nor XP Connect most audio devices with a digital output only 2-channel digital audio is supported Adjustable headphone output 24-bit 192 kHz audio quality Dimensions 111 x 105 x 30 mm Weight 174 g Ideal for music lovers seeking an excellent value upgrade to advanced HD audio and saving money on new stereo equipment

Headphone Cable Tidy - Dachshund For BlackBerry Storm2 ( Headphone Cable Tidy ), at Maplin
Take a bite out of messy cables. Put your headphone wires through the legs and wind the cable around the body. Keeps your earphones tidy. Fun novelty design. Great gift for kids and adults.

Bar Craft Black Acrylic Drinks Cooler ( Bar Craft Black Acry ), at Maplin
This fashionable black solid container with open side handles is great for keeping your drinks cool outside Its large enough to fit in on average 10 or so bottles of your favourite beverages This fashionable black solid container with open side handles is great for keeping your drinks cool outside. Its large enough to fit in on average 10 or so bottles of your favourite beverages Its made from black acrylic which makes it perfect and safe use for outdoor use. Stylish black opaque pail. Open side handles.

1TB 8 Channel H.264 Network DVR with 4x CCD Cameras and Smart Phone Access ( 1TB 8CH Kguard Kit+ ), at Maplin
Includes 4-cameras for comprehensive monitoring and recording ability 8 Channel KGuard SHA108.V2 DVR Four High Quality CCD 420TVL weatherproof cameras with IR night vision Night-Vision up to 20m Automatic day colournight BandW 24 hour dual viewing mode 1TB of storage ideal for all your security footage requirements Anti-Cut cable brackets secures you from vandalism Included 17 meters of extension cable per Camera H.264 real-time high compression and supports dual stream network transmission Supports remote view with mobile phones based on Symbian S60 3rd5th editionWindows Mobile iPhone Android and Blackberry ASee Free iPhone and Android Apps for remote viewing available from Apple App Store and the Google Marketplace Pentaplex Operation live view record playback backup and network transmission Supports real-time online surveillance via IE browser with audio NVR300 Lite Free Software for Multi-Site remote view and auto backup Included in CD CMS3000 Lite Free Software for Multi-Site and Multi-User central management software Free Download link in CD Smart motion detection and recording schedule Standalone Linux 2.6 operation system ADPCM audio compression Supports USB mouse Supports backup and upgrade with USB flash disk Supports DDNS including KGuard DDNS Supports UPNP Supports Multi-Channel Playback Simultaneously Supports control of PTZ pan tilt zoom cameras via built-in RS-485 port Selectable packing time for recorded files Supports editing camera title- Supports adjusting image colour Event camera pop-up function Supports VGA output max. resolution 1440 x 900 Alarm modes Motion Detection Video loss HDD full HDD loss Email alert function- With free-drag digital zoom functions for live viewing Privacy masks for private area protection max. 4 areas each channel Supports up to 1 x 2TB SATA HDD 1 year limited warranty does not cover data loss A comprehensive camera security solution the KGuard DVR recording kit comes preinstalled with a 1TB HDD giving you the freedom to capture all the activity you want. The 1TB DVR recording kit is equipped with 4 outdoor cameras. You have the option to customize the recording by setting a 24 hour recording schedule based on your preferences. You can choose to have the DVR record continuously during the day then record only when motion is detected at night. Alternately you could create specific motion-detection zones that records only when activity is detected in that particular area. And since each camera is equipped with night vision so you can view and record in total darkness. Also you will always be in touch with you CCTV system by using the iPhone or Android App ASee to remotely log in and view your cameras from anywhere in the world.

iTALKonline Red ProGel Case, LCD Protector, Car Charger and Mains Charger for LG ( iTALKonline Red ProG ), at Maplin
Soft Gel CaseCoverLCD Screen ProtectorCar Charger3 Pin UK Mains Charger The case caters for all of the accessories and the features which your device has to offer which means it offers fantastic protection. Each ProGel is made from a special tough gel which makes it flexible like a silicone but tougher than a crystal case. As the case is designed specifically for your device the case still allows full access to vital parts of the device. The unique tough gel material provides the ultimate protection for your phone. If you have misplaced your car charger or if you need a car charger. The package also includes an additional mains charger for your device perfect for charging your device at work or as a replacement for the original mains charger. Simply plug in and charge works in conjunction with your devices battery to automatically stop charging once the battery is full.

Whitenergy Compatible Lenovo Laptop Battery 3000 N100 10.8V ( 06746 HC BATT 10.8V ), at Maplin
Lenovo compatible replacement laptop battery Designed to meet or exceed the manufacturers original spec Rated at 10.8V 7200mAh 9 cell standard lithium-ion battery

BT Decor 2500 Single Corded Phone with TAM ( BT Decor 2500 ), at Maplin
LCD Display with contrast control 100 Name and number phonebook 30 minute digital answer phone 30 number calls list 1571 Message indicator Handsfree speakerphone Hearing aid compatible 9 Ringtones Ring indicator light Ringer onoff control Clock and Calendar PBX Compatible

Paper Masking Tapes ( 19 Masking Tape 50M ), at Maplin
A general purpose masking tape with a sticky backing ideal for protecting windows skirting board and other areas prior to painting spraying etc. Available in three widths of 50m roll lengths.

Epson T130640 Multipack (B/C/M/Y) (Stag) ( Epson T1306 BCMY ), at Maplin
Compatible printers - Stylus SX525WD SXX620FW Stylus Office BX320FW BX525WD BX625FWD

Miniature Single Gang Potentiometers ( Min Pot Log 100k ), at Maplin
A range of miniature rotary carbon track potentiometers with printed circuit board mounting terminals. Fixing hole required 7mm. Power rating 0.2W linear 0.1W log. Max voltage 200V linear 150V log. Overall shaft length 25mm. Linear types are marked B and log types are marked A. The following values are available with a linear track 1k 4k7 10k 22k 47k 100k 470k 1M The following values are available with a logarithmic track 10k 47k 100k 1M

Power Supply Adapter Cable for 3½Inch Drive ( Y Cable 3.5in Drive ), at Maplins
Devices like 3.5in. drives tape streamers and flopticals are provided with a small plug for the power supply. This cable is designed to make use of the existing power supply cables in a computer so that the number of connections can be increased.

B Grade MSI GeForce GT610 2GB 810MHz GDDR3 1GB 1800MHz Graphics Card ( B Grade MSI GT610 LP ), at Maplin
Video Capture - Predator FREE bundle within Afterburner 2.20 Support real-time video capturing. Multi-thread supported. Low Profile and Noise Free Design Low profile design saves more space in slim or smaller system and noise free design can build a comfortable environment for multimedia entertainment. All Solid Capacitors 10 years ultra-long lifetime under full load. Lower temperature and higher efficiency. Aluminium core without explosion. Native HDMI 1.4a Output HDMI 1.4a supports 1080P HD movie playback and TrueHD or DTS-HD audio transmission. The MSI GeForce GT 610 is designed to offer better performance and beautiful graphics while maintaining lower temperatures and consume less power. The card support Microsoft Windows 7 DirectX 11 and DirectCompute 5.0 OpenGL 4.2 OpenCL True HD and DTS-HD as well as proprietary technologies NVIDIA PhysX and PureVideo HD. The card is equipped with outputs DVI-I VGA and HDMI 1.4a with support for multichannel audio. Not only Low Profile but with a passive cooling this is the ideal card for your multimedia entertainment PC.

8GB Flash Drive HD Gen 2 for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC ( FlashDrive HD 8GB ), at Maplin
Free App download for file management Automatic app prompt when connected to device Use as a standard USB flash drive when connected to a PC Compatible with Windows Mac and Linux operating systems Supports contact backup Music play MP3 documentimagevideo viewer Supports Open-in function to transfer files between different Apps Voice Recording Secure file encryption Compatible with Apple Lightning Adapter PhotoFasts i-FlashDrive is the worlds Only USB Flash Drive for iPhone iPad iPod Touch 4G3G.

500GB SECURIX 8CH Network DVR with 4 x 540TVL CCD Cameras + iPhone App ( SecurixPRO SME8 Kit ), at Maplin
Professional H.264 Network DVR with real-time display200ips recording200ips and playback200ips 8 Channel video inputs 500GB SATA Hard disk storage built-in Free iPhone ApplicationSECURIX Mobile I downloadable from Apple AppStore and Windows Mobile provided for monitoring Push notification for your iPhone to alert you activity on your cameras as it happens 2 x Super-high resolution CCD 540TVL Dome Cameras with IR LED 2 x Super-high resolution CCD 540TVL Weatherproof Bullet Cameras with IR LED and IP68 rating Bullet cameras include anti-cut cable brackets All Cameras with 20 meters night vision and Auto white balance POS and ATM interface via built-in RS232 port for recording and playback together with Text-in data PTZPan Tilt Zoom camera interface via RS485 port and support more than 60 different PTZ protocols 4 x Audio input and 1x Audio output 8 x Alarm input and 1x Alarm relay output 4 x 60ft long BNC and Power extension cable included D1 resolution support for clear recording and playback images Recording setup programmable for each cameras independently User-friendly Graphical User Interface GUI Menu System Wizard setup for easy and convenient menu configuration Various Recording modes Time-lapse recording Event recording Pre-event recording. Multiple Search Engines Date and Time search Calendar search Event search Event recordingplaybacklog footage available for Motion detection Video-loss Video-blind Video-flare Support up to 1 x 2TB SATA HDD Support Disk Overwrite Mode for continuous recording Constant recording while transmitting to remote site and during playback Real-time system management for Disk temperature Disk bad and Disk S.M.A.R.T 64 Group and 256 Users can access to DVR with programmable access-right per each group ISM Technology a professional storage management solution for security DVR applied for stability Chained finger print solution applied for water-marking Network transmission100ips to SECURIX Client on PC and Webguard on IE browser USB Mouse and Infrared Remote Control included Support data backup to USB Flash memory and Upgrade through USB Flash memory Support VGA output for LCD monitor display 1 year limited warranty does not cover data loss Protect your home business or loved ones with this state of the art CCTV kit. Consisting of two super high resolution 540TVL outdoor weatherproof cameras and two high resolution 540TVL dome cameras this system really does cover all aspects of personal security. With extra connectivity for PTZ cameras POS ATM Alarm and Audio devices.The DVR unit includes a 500GB hard drive for storage of video which can be upgraded to 2TB. With the push notification the system even alerts users via their iPhone iPad and iTouch using the SECURIX iPhone App. available for free download from the app store.A simple user interface and wizard based set up ensures that even the novice user gets the most out of their home security setup with the minimum of fuss. The bullet cameras are even resistant to tampering with their anti-cut cable system. This SECURIX CCTV system is the home security system that homes and businesses have been waiting for.

5mm 12V LEDs ( 5mm 12V Yellow LED ), at Maplin
A range of 5mm diameter LEDs from the 12V series in a T-134 package. These LEDs are designed to connect across 12Vdc power supply rails. They have a 12V integral current limiting resistor which means no external current limiter is required with a 12V supply. All types have a diffused lens and a wide viewing angle of 60anddeg.

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